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“I am honored and humbled by the many kind words from some of our patients. My staff and I are always trying to improve and are never satisfied with being “good enough”. We love getting great reviews, but will always strive to do even better.” - Dr. Mattingly

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Bay Area Family Dentistry   Dr. James Mattingly is an excellent doctor. He has been my dentist for several years now and I trust him 100%! He is honest and courteous, knowledgeable in the latest dentistry techniques, and always concerned with my comfort. Everyone in the office is thorough and professional – the dental assistants, dental hygienists and office staff. Alicia, my hygienist, is very gentle, yet very thorough. The office is spotlessly clean and all equipment well-maintained and modern. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Mattingly. He is absoluely the best dentist in this area. - Teresa B.
Walnut Creek Dentist Reviews   Dr. Mattingly is now offering Invisalign, and I couldn't be happier with my results! Having gone through the miserable process of wearing braces many moons ago as a child, I have dental/ orthodontic work that still needed correcting; and now in my 40's, I trusted Dr. Mattingly with his advice to do Invisalign. In just three short months of a very simple, pain-free process, and I am on the home-stretch of finally getting the smile I wanted, seeing GREAT results -- I hope to complete the process in the next 6 weeks. That's it! Wow! Not only has he given me a nice smile, but the process has corrected the alignment in my bite -- something that has bothered me for years, and even caused headaches in the past. I am thrilled with my results, and highly recommend Dr. Mattingly and his staff for Invisalign.
Walnut Creek Dentist Testimonial  

My wife, daughter, and I, are patients of Dr. Mattingly. We are extremely discerning when it comes to choosing a dentist as my father is a highly respected DDS, and long time professor at UCLA's dental school. We carefully reviewed Dr. Mattingly's educational background, and interviewed him prior to selecting him to be our dentist. We have been extremely well taken care of and completely confident in Dr. Mattingly's skills and experience. Our family requires expertise in many areas of adult and pediatric dentistry from maintenance to cosmetics and everything in between. Dr. Mattingly has gone above and beyond while taking care of our dental needs! Responsible expectations don't get any higher than ours and Dr. Mattingly and his staff has not only met our expectations, but they have exceeded them. While Dr. Mattingly has always been professional and skilled, he has also been sensitive to our budget, insurance coverage constraints, and he has always been kind and likable! There's no "hard sell" for any services. In addition to Dr. Mattingly's skills, excellent chair side manner, and likability, you will not find a better communicator! Dr. Mattingly, his staff, and his state of the art facility, deserve the "Diamond" rating. A true community gem! - Pete

Walnut Creek Dentist Testimonial   DR. MATTINGLY AND STAFF ARE AWESOME! When my dentist of 30 years retired, I was at a complete loss. I found Dr. Mattingly through Diamond Certified. WHAT A FIND! He and his staff have successfully created an office environment that (from the moment I first walked through the door) made me feel as though I had been invited to the home of good friends. In addition to being friendly, kind and gentle, I love that the good doctor thoroughly explains each and every procedure. My dental health has improved dramatically thanks, not only to Dr. Mattingly’s outstanding skills as a dentist, but to Uni, the first hygienist EVER who took the time to explain WHY it is so important to do those daily chores if you want to keep your teeth. We’re told to “brush your teeth”, “floss daily”, “do this”, “do that”. Seriously, no one had ever explained the reality of the WHYS, offered graphics to send the point home, and explained what can happen if you don’t. Now that I get the WHYS, I am much more diligent about my daily ‘chores’. Uni - Quiet and shy? NOT; Warm and personable? Absolutely! Thank you Arlene, Pilita and Eva for your caring ways, for never letting me miss an appointment and for being there in a crunch. I have complete confidence I have made the best decision possible in choosing Dr. Mattingly as my forever dentist. - Karen L., Walnut Creek
Walnut Creek Dentist Testimonials   For most of my life, I have been seriously terrified of going to the dentist. If you are like me (or even if you are not), you should check out Dr James Mattingly. He is an awesome dentist, his office is state of the art and his staff is very professional. . I have had a lot of dental work over the years and much of it was painful and unpleasant. Dr Mattingly has always treated my concerns with the utmost care and sincerity, making sure that my pain issues are immediately addressed. He has NEVER promoted unnecessary dental work for either me or my husband. I completely trust his assessments of my dental needs. Molly, the office mascot, Arlene at the front desk, and all the wonderful dental assistants who support the work Dr Mattingly does make his office the best place for dental work. I still don't look forward to going to the dentist, but I know when I do that I am in the very best hands possible. - Shannon P., Oakland
Walnut Creek Dentist Testimonials   I am a new patient and have severe distress/anxiety about going to the dentist. All of Dr. Mattingly's staff were/are very considerate, polite, and professional regarding my needs. That is right, my needs. The hygienist took special care when deep cleaning, and also taught at the end of my treatment. I had 1 filling done and Dr M made sure I was very comfortable at every interval of the process. Overall, I would recommend him, especially if you have a fear of the dentist - Cristina, Concord
Walnut Creek Dentist Testimonials   My husband and I recently moved to the Bay Area and thought it would take a lot of trial and error to find a new dentist. However, after a brief period of research and asking around town, we reviewed Dr. Mattingly's website and decided to give him a try. The verdict? We both agree Dr. Mattingly is highly competent, thorough, caring, gentle, and great at answering all our questions and concerns (including presenting options if finances permit/don't permit). For those of you who are afraid of the dentist, this is the person to see - without a doubt! The rest of the staff are all awesome, in particular, Arlene who works the front office...she is friendly and knows everything there is to know about your insurance plan. No question is silly. And then there is Uni, one of the dental hygienists, who by far is one of the most thorough hygienists I have EVER had!! She is super friendly, competent, and oh so informative! All in all, if you are looking for an awesome dentist, this is the place to consider! No regrets whatsoever. - Marjorie L., San Francisco
Walnut Creek Dentist Testimonials   Dr. Mattingly is wonderful, your comfort and care is his utmost priority. He is on top of his game in terms of the newest care and concerns in dentistry. I have a pre-existing condition that makes my teeth a little more problematic than the average adult, and he is most helpful in ensuring I am taken care of. I love the office staff, the hygienist is awesome and I love our chats about different events that are going on and chocolate. Arlene is wonderful when it comes to taking care of insurance and scheduling. I refer anyone I know that is looking for a dentist here. Dr. Mattingly recently bought I-pods for all the patients to use while in the chair. - Kevin W., Alemeda
Walnut Creek Dentist Testimonial   I wanted to take a moment, on behalf of our entire family, to recognize the exemplary service you and your staff have provided us over the years. Ours has been a valued relationship, which is based on complete trust. We have come to know that we can always count on Arlene’s accuracy with regards to insurance matters and a courtesy reminder call the day before every appointment. Alicia provides a soft-touch and enlightenment with regards to our ongoing hygiene needs as part of our complete care – thought we’d never say this, but, we actually look forward to getting our teeth cleaned! Thank you, as always, for your expertise and professionalism. You and your entire staff have been a very important and trusted resource for all our family’s dental care - including, oversight and guidance during the phase during which our children’s teeth were braced in metal J We greatly appreciate the easy-to-understand explanations you’ve provided along the way and your conservative and compassionate approach to dentistry. More personally, we appreciate and thank you for the genuine interest you and your staff have shown toward our family’s journey over these many years – we are truly blessed. - Mary and Kevin G., Antioch
Walnut Creek Dentist Review   Dr. Mattingly is an amazing dentist with a great staff. He has been treating my wife and I for a few years now and we couldn't be more pleased. My teeth feel so nice and clean after I leave. I had a few chips in my front teeth that many other dentists said they could not fix, and Dr. Mattingly corrected it in a few short minutes! Just an all around good guy. - Dr. Brandon H., Walnut Creek
Walnut Creek Dentist Testimonials   I am the son of a dentist. Dr. Mattingly is the first one to hold a candle to my late dad. He's highly competent, friendly, and informative. Plus his staff has always treated me exceptionally well -- from the office staff in front to the hygienists in back. My whole family now goes to Dr. Mattingly, including my ex-wife and teen stepchildren! - Chris W., Walnut Creek
Walnut Creek Dentist Testimonials   For me 5 stars is not enough. I've been going to Dr. Mattingly's office for about 6-7 years or more. I 'was' phobic about dentists and my teeth were seriously in need of help. My brother turned me on to this office. My mother, brother, sister and I have had nothing but a great experience. I've had a root canal, root planning, several crowns, cavities filled and cleanings at least 3 times a year ever since. Today was a cleaning. I recommend this team of professionals to anyone. The front office, hygienist, dentist, I think they all do a fantastic job. Hats off to Dr. Mattingly, Alicia and Arlene especially. - Ross P., Hayward
Walnut Creek Dentist Testimonials   Dr. Mattingly has been my dentist since he first started practicing with Dr. Fastabend many years ago. (since retired). I left for five years to move up to the mountains, and am now back. The hell I have been through with my teeth while gone is indescribable. When I got back here, I called Jim and he got me in within two days. An X-ray showed a dead tooth under my bridge. My referral to Dr, Dobin for a root canal was accomplished within a week and today, two days after the root canal, Dr. Mattingly put in the post and the permanent filling. ALL of this was accomplished in a week!!! I am so grateful to be back in the hands of a wonderful, caring, competent dentist. It makes moving back to the Bay worth every minute in his chair!! not only is he an excellent dentist, but is interested in his patient's lives and is a very down to earth real guy. I trust his opinion about my teeth over anyone else I have ever been to. Arlene, up front, is amazing as well. She is always courteous, bends over backwards to help you fit in your appts. and does a great job with insurance benefits. No one likes going to the dentist, but THIS makes it an easy, comfortable experience!!! - Lynne F., Pioneer
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   After one bad dentist experience in Walnut Creek, I fortunately found a great one!! James Mattingly did an outstanding job on several procedures for me. Even though is he not in my network, I will continue getting treatments done by him. Outstanding work and people skills!! - Marina V., Pleasant Hill
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   I recently was asked by a former co-worker if my husband and I had a good dentist, as her husband was in need of someone special. Without any hesitation we recommended Dr. Mattingly. When we saw her two weeks ago, she thanked us and said that Dr. Mattingly was wonderful! - Judi J., Walnut Creek
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   I just switched dental practices due to a recent move, and I've been very pleased so far with Dr. Mattingly. They try to accommodate your scheduling needs, and seem very oriented towards keeping the patient happy. Good about showing you exactly what's going on with your teeth, and I didn't feel like he was trying to sell me on unnecessary procedures - Vali F., Lafayette
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   Dr. Mattingly was kind enough to cater to my work schedule, and was concerned enough to inconvenience himself for MY benefit. He and Dr. Tan are always considerate of the emotional distress that accompanies the visit to the dentist, and they both make the process extremely bearable. They are my only recommendation when asked for a "good" dentist in the area - Julio P., San Francisco
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   Wish I could give 10 stars! I have had about 6 dentists over the 25 years that I have lived in Walnut Creek, and by far, Dr. Mattingly and his staff are the best. Complete professionalism is all I can say -- I have been a patient for the last 7 years, and always look forward to my dental visits! Highly recommend the work done by Dr. M. and his entire wonderful staff -- he is careful to explain his work before and throughout the process, and all have a "gentle approach" -- I know that I take better care of my teeth now because of the care they give and the knowledge they have shared with me. Wonderful! - Catherine H., Walnut Creek
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   This is the best dental office I have ever gone to. The quality of their work is impeccable; Dr. M listened to me and considered all of my opinions/wants and needs respectfully. He performed general and cosmetic dentistry on me. He is very skilled in his profession... and kind. The result was perfect. His group is talented, well trained, calm, and provides patient education at just the right level for understanding. Their cost schedule is reasonable. I think you will feel comfortable there. - Rose C., Walnut Creek
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   I have been a patient of Dr. Mattingly, D.D.S. for over 9 years. No one wants to go to the dentist! Your thought process is "instant pain" . Dr. Mattingly is very considerate and caring and does not want his patients to have any discomfort during the appointment. He has an excellent staff that also employ this skill set of "caring about their patients needs. I easily choke and have a hard time with this when I go to the dentist. The entire staff at Dr. Mattingly’s office helps me overcome some of the stress I go through when I have dental work done. I strongly recommend if you want a "SUPER Great" dentist, you visit Dr. Mattingly. - Robert A., Walnut Creek
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   I have always had a great experience at his dentist office. Dr. M is nice, and honest, and direct, doesn't evade the questions and it goes quickly and he spends time to make it right. This is big coming from a dentist hater. Knocking your front teeth out in 1965 in a small town in Nebraska meant going to the only dentist in town that practiced in a basement at the end of a dark hallway. The fat needles and his awful hair and black eyes come roaring back whenever I run across that distinctive dank basement smell. I was under construction with head gears and silver teeth for years after that incident and I remember nothing good. All that bad stuff is nowhere near when I walk into Mattingly's office. If I lived in another state I would probably fly back here to be able to go to him. In fact, I'll probably still have teeth when I am old because of him. Now that’s something. - Laurie B., Walnut Creek
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Mattingly for several years now, and we switched our kids to the practice as well after the pediatric dentist missed cavities on both of them. We like everything about the office. Arlene at the front desk is unfailingly kind and accommodating, as is everyone else in the office. Your comfort and confidence are their first concern. I'm picky about who sees my kids and I unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Mattingly and his staff to my friends and family. We are self pay and while dental work is expensive his rates are by no means out of the ordinary. He's done everything from cleaning to a root canal for me and I'm totally happy with all the work. You won't find a more caring or professional dentist anywhere! - Bryn T., Walnut Creek
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   My husband and I became regular patients of Dr. Mattingly in 2009 after a coworker highly recommended him. Dr. Mattingly is a great dentist! I couldn't ask for a anyone better (and this comes from a person who absolutely hates dental procedures of ANY kind). Dr. Mattingly is extremely thorough, professional, gentle and caring. He takes his time to explain procedures and continues the explanation while performing the procedures. He cares about the work he performs and wants to know at all times if you are satisfied. The wonderful staff are efficient and quite courteous. The massage chairs and iPods are an added bonus! Regarding the cost: Remember the old adage: "you get what you pay for" ? He isn't the least expensive dentist you will find, but he is not the most expensive, either. For the service you get from Dr. Mattingly, he and his dental practice are worth every penny! - Nanci K., Martinez
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   I have been a patient of Dr. Mattingly for the past few years. He is not your typical dentist. He takes his time and gets to know you as a person. He will explain things and give you all your options, before making a decision on what to do. Dr. Mattingly and his staff will make sure you are comfortable at all times and you are doing O.K. while any work is going on. All this plus his work is simply OUTSTANDING - Matt T., Martinez
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   I have been going to Dr. Mattingly since he started in this office and am thrilled with the care my husband and I get there. I always ask for Alicia for my cleaning and hope she never retires. I am not a fan of going to the dentist after a bad experience while in the military but she is so calm, gentle and thorough I end up walking away with a (clean) smile. - Susan D., Martinez
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   My husband and I both go to Dr. Mattingly's office for dental care. We are very pleased with the quality of care we get from him and everyone in his office. Arlene at the front is very nice and knowledgeable on insurance carriers. The dental hygienists are all very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable too. Dr. Mattingly is professional, conscientious and does the highest quality of work in my opinion. I have had a lot of dental issues and have fallen into the wrong hands more than a few times. Dr. Mattingly has helped me get my dental health to the highest level that it's ever been. I highly recommend him. Talk with Arlene about your insurance. There are no surprises, they will let you know everything up front and there is no pressure to do more than you can afford. Plus I appreciate the fact that they have a message chair and offer an iPod. Going to the dentist isn't my favorite thing but they really go out of their way to make it easy on me. If you are looking for a welcoming environment and high quality work, go see Dr. James Mattingly - Regina S., Walnut Creek
Dentist in Walnut Creek - Photo Coming Soon   Dr. Mattingly is AWESOME!!! I have never had such a great dental experience. I and my family with continue to regularly visit. - Ben J., Dublin



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