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Walnut Creek Dentist - Before and After

The following are a small sampling of before and after cases treated by Dr. Mattingly. All rights for the following photos are reserved by Dr. Mattingly and to copy or reproduce them without the expressed written consent of Dr. Mattingly is prohibited by law.


This patient presented to Dr. Mattingly’s office and was afraid to smile due to years of neglect and gum recession. Treatment consisted of a combination of Porcelain Veneers and Porcelain Crowns. Now the patient can’t stop smiling, and her beautiful teeth have taken 10 years off her overall appearance….

Walnut Creek Dentist Before Photo

Walnut Creek Dentist After Photo

Case #2

This gentleman had very long roots, but his teeth had severe tooth decay and gum recession. With a combination of porcelain crowns and a porcelain bridge, we were able to strengthen his teeth, while making them much more beautiful in the process. In addition, this same patient will soon be receiving 3 dental implants for his upper left side.

Walnut Creek Dentist Before Photo

Walnut Creek Dentist After Photo

Case #3

This lovely patient presented with one old crown on her front tooth that was too long and her other teeth were too dark and very worn on the edges. She had a removable denture for the back teeth which is why the metal clasp is visible in the photo. We completed her case with a combination of porcelain veneers and a new porcelain crown.

Concord Dentist Before Photo

Concord Dentist After Photo

Case #4

Implant dentistry allows the patient to have individual “implants” that are permanent, strong and beautiful just like regular teeth. Dental implants also help preserve the surrounding bone in the area they are placed.

Contra Costa Dentist Before Photo

Contra Costa Dentist After Photo

Case #5

Our patient Steve who is 60 years old, had been living with severely crowded teeth for all of his adult life. Due to the misalignment of his bite, he was chipping his teeth, and slowly losing bone around the roots of his teeth. We decided on Invisalign treatment in my office and after just 1.5 years of treatment, look at his results!!!! His smile changed 1000% as did his function and oral health. We did this WITHOUT having to pull any teeth. We placed 1 single crown after the treatment was completed and now Steve can't STOP Smiling!! Whether your teeth are as crowded as Steve's were or not, our office is experienced at helping give you the smile you have always wanted and the functional health to go with it.... Call us and come in for a free consultation. Lots of dental offices "claim to have experience with Invisalign," our office delivers results, just like we did with Steve.

Walnut Creek Invisalign Dentist
Before #1

Walnut Creek Invisalign Dentist
After #1

Invisalign Dentist Walnut Creek
Before #2

Invisalign Dentist Walnut Creek
After #2


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