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Dr. Mattingly is proud to offer WIN Nutritional Supplements to his patients and the public in large. Dr. Mattingly is a firm believer in prevention when it comes to optimal oral and systemic health. Not only does he endorse these nutraceuticals to his patients, but he takes them daily himself. These supplements are pharmaceutical grade quality and are available directly through his dental office or via his Wellness website. Dr. Mattingly earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree from UC Davis, CA. in Nutritional Science and thus he is very aware of the importance that nutraceuticals play in the overall Wellness and Health of his patients. “The evidence is undeniable that one’s general health can be improved through the use of vitamin and herbal nutritional supplements. Recent scientific literature is now also pointing to the link between nutrition and improved oral health which is a very exciting discovery for our field” – Dr. Mattingly.

With so many products on the market, consumers will be delighted to learn that WIN’s Nutritional Supplements are listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs (PDR). The PDR is held in the highest regard by Physicians’ the world over for its pursuit to accuracy and efficacy.
WIN Omega3 Complex Fish Oil Supplements are 85% - 88% pure active ingredient. Most supermarket and health food store Omega3 brands are only 20% - 34% pure. The public can easily be deceived by thinking that because it says Omega3 on the bottle, that each brand is the same. This is very far from the truth. In fact most low grade Omega3 brands are “filled” with manmade pollutants, cholesterol, and saturated fats. WIN’s Omega3 Complex Supplements are free of environmental toxins and heavy metals, with saturated fat content of less than 2%.

Benefits of WIN Omega3 Complex Supplements:

  • Promotes Heart Health: The American Heart Association recognizes the importance of the Omega3 essential nutrients EPA and DHA in promoting heart health, lowering blood triglycerides and protecting against cardiovascular disease.
  • Nourishes Skin: Increasing the intake of quality Omega3’s can result in being less susceptible to the aging effects of the sun and serves as natural anti-inflammatories for healthy skin cells, while giving an overall supple and smooth feeling to the skin.
  • Promotes Positive Mood: Many studies show that EPA and DHA from Omega3’s have powerful mood elevating and stabilizing effects. DHA is also essential for the development of a fetus during the last three months of pregnancy.
  • Benefits Joint Health: Due to age, injuries or other strains, many people suffer from discomfort of their joints and immobility. Omega3’s have been shown to relieve inflammation of the joint, thus leading to increased mobility, function, and health.
  • Oral Health: May Promote an anti-inflammatory response of the periodontal tissues, thus optimizing gum health.

One capsule of WIN Omega3 Complex daily = the amount of Omega3 in

  • 5 servings of salmon, or...
  • 16 servings of halibut, or...
  • 33 servings of canned tuna, Every week!

WIN CoQ10 Supplements contain 50mg of the most advanced, high-absorption form of CoQ10 available, Kaneka QH, also known as Ubiquinol. WIN CoQ10’s formula acts like a spark plug for each of your body’s cells playing a vital role in energy production, thus allowing your body to function at its prime. Through aging, you gradually lose your ability to create and metabolize CoQ10, leaving your body deficient of this powerful coenzyme. Studies show that WIN CoQ10 has a bodily absorption rate that is 8 times higher than supplements with Ubiquinone as the active ingredient.

Benefits of WIN CoQ10 Supplements:

  • Enhanced Cellular Energy: CoQ10 is a core component of cellular energy production and respiration, aiding the body in the production of the key powerhouse molecule ATP within the mitochondria. Over 95% of all the human body’s energy requirements are converted with the aid of CoQ10. WIN CoQ10 provides support on a cellular level, thereby helping each body system to function optimally.
  • Powerful Antioxidant: WIN CoQ10’s formulation of Ubiquinol is one of the most potent fat soluble antioxidants, capable of regenerating other antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin C. Researchers were surprised when they found that Ubiquinol, available in WIN CoQ10, was 40% more effective than conventional CoQ10 in slowing the aging process.
  • Promote Cardiovascular Health: By enhancing energy levels and promoting cellular and tissue health, WIN CoQ10 provides optimal support for the cardiovascular system.
  • Oral Health: May Promote anti-inflammatory response of periodontal tissues thus optimizing gum health.

One capsule of WIN CoQ10 = the amount of CoQ10 in

  • 1.5 lbs. of sardines, or...
  • 3 lbs. of beef, or...
  • 4 lbs. of peanuts

Phyto-Vite Supplements contain an advanced umbrella of nutritional support to assist your body in coping with daily environmental and lifestyle stresses. Each time released tablet includes a blend of antioxidant nutrients, including vitamins A,C,E, and Beta Carotene, as well as extracts from plants rich in antioxidant compounds such as polyphenols and phytonutrients.

Benefits of Phyto-Vite Supplements:

  • Reduce free-radical formation
  • Increase immune system integrity
  • Increase blood flow to brain and peripheral arteries
  • Decrease platelet aggregation and stickiness
  • Improve cognitive function

The above mentioned products are but a few of the many amazing WIN Nutritional and Herbal Supplements supported and sold by Dr. Mattingly. WIN also carries an amazing line of all natural Weight Loss Supplements, Fitness Supplements and Spa products. WIN International is so confident of the amazing lifestyle benefits of their products, that they always offer a 30 day risk free full money back guarantee. Feel free to email Dr. Mattingly if you have any questions about the products. Please double click on the website link to go directly to his Wellness website to learn more and to order any of WIN’s amazing nutritional products.


Please Visit DrMattinglyWellness.com to Purchase!

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